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Editor’s Note

Editor’s Note:

Janet Lee (Emdeber 1974-76)

Welcome to a new issue of The Herald.

In this issue, we would like to give updates on E&E RPCV Board news, Legacy Program Projects, RPCV-sponsored projects, the Sargent Shriver Leaders Conference in DC, a possible trip to Ethiopia, and plans for the NPCA conference in Denver in August.

We do have one article of note from Andrew Tadross (Endodo, Tigray & Mekelle, Tigray 2011–13), an RPCV currently teaching in the Landscape Architecture program at Addis Ababa University. If you have not been to Addis recently, you will be amazed at how much it has changed.

We also have Peace Corps memories of the late Richard Pankhurst, who touched the lives of both PCVs and Ethiopians alike.

The Board of the E&E RPCVs looks forward to seeing everyone at the NPCA conference in Denver in August 2017.

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