THE HERALD, says E&E RPCVs’ President Marian Beil, is the glue that holds our group of Returned Peace Corps Volunteers together, but glue, even when it is sent over the Internet, costs money. We are asking people to pay a fee of $10 a year to support costs for The Herald and the other services we provide to our RPCVs including operating the RPCV Legacy Program and organizing reunions. These fees are not tax deductible.

All of Ethiopia and Eritrea PCVs and RPCVs for whom we have email addresses — regardless of whether they pay the suggested fees — will receive emails announcing the publication of each new “issue” of  THE HERALD.

To pay with a check

Make check out to E&E RPCVs, for 1 year for $10.

If you also wish to pay your NPCA dues through E&E RPCVs, add $35 to your fee payment and E&E RPCVs will forward that amount to the NPCA.

Send your check to our treasurer, addressed:

c/o Marcus
1634 Martha Terrace
Rockville MD 20852-4134

If you pay through the NPCA

If you would like to pay your E&E RPCVs fees to the National Peace Corps Association at the same time you pay for membership in that organization, select E&E RPCVs as one of your affiliate group options, the NPCA will charge $15 choice and then rebate $15 of the total amount to our group that you pay them. You will be credited for 1 1/2 years of support for The Herald and E&E RPCVs.

Please share
One more thing: we’d like to get as many Ethiopia and Eritrea RPCVs to be part of our group. Please do share THE HERALD with your Peace Corps friends.

Many thanks.

3 responses to “Support THE HERALD & E&E RPCVs

  1. Just seeing the Banner of the village at the top of The Herald almost made me cry. My mind was flooded with so many memories of my time there from 1964 – 1967 in Debre Zeit.

    I am bless to work at a community college in Iowa where we have upwards of 50 nationalities on campus. One of our math instructors is from Ethiopia. Each spring the International Club here sponsors an International Day filled with entertainment and food from a myriad of countries. It is a fund raiser for their club. We have the most diverse campus in Iowa. It’s a pleasure to work here.

    Now, if I could only run a mile I might go back!

  2. Barry, It may be convenient to get The Herald by e-mail but I HATE all the shifting back and forth to read articles. Oh well, I guess horse riders hated the automobile and by the way why can’t I find a public telephone anymore?

  3. Stumbled on this web site the other day. Actually was looking for Randy Marcus on FB!! It filled my old heart with joy to read/see/feel all over again. Believe Nancy Horn was a neighbor in Beverly MA? Served in Assella from 66-69 @ Ras Dargay Secondary School.

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