The Herald

THE HERALD is edited by Janet Danzl Lee (Emdeber 74-76).

It was first published in 1991 by Marian Beil (Debre Berhan 62–64), as a way to foster the natural bond that links the more than 3,000 Peace Corps Volunteers and staff members who have served in Ethiopia or Eritrea. Starting out as a mimeographed flyer, it evolved into a printed 56-page magazine and is now an online newsletter (please don’t call it a blog, because it’s not) distributed exclusively through the Internet.

THE HERALD provides news of the activities of Ethiopia- and Eritrea RPCVs and PCVs, including stories and pictures, service projects undertaken by RPCVs that benefit Ethiopia or Eritrea, as well as reviews of books and films that deal with the region.

THE HERALD welcomes articles of any type that would be of interest to our group. Please send notes, articles or ideas to Janet at:

Country news on FaceBook
For many years THE HERALD reported news from Eritrea and Ethiopia culled from a variety of news services, but now each one of us is able to post on the group FaceBook page links to current articles about these countries, as well as photos and remembrances. Do visit and post!