RPCV Legacy Program

ITC for Mettu School

Championed by Patti Garamendi (Mettu 66–68) and Faith Garamendi


Students in the St. Gabriel School’s Computer Lab


E&E RPCV treasurer Randy Marcus recently transferred funds from the Legacy Program to Tefere Kebede the in-country manager of the ITC for Mettu School Legacy Program Project.  The ITC for Mettu School project is an ongoing project championed by Patti Garamendi (Mettu 66-68) and her daughter Faith.

Once a Legacy Project has fulfilled its initial goal, typically $10,000, the champions can opt to continue raising funds to sustain the project and periodically transfer funds to the project.

The ITC for Mettu School project aims at introducing Information and Communication Technologies for teaching and learning as well as enabling school administration to manage information in a timely and organized manner. It intends to create a favorable environment to harness the potential of web-resources for the benefit of educators and learners.

Recent contributions provided training for 25 teachers and 648 students at the St. Gabriel School in February 2015.  Training was also provided from other elementary schools.  All trainees had access to the Internet.  This recent transfer of funds will enable project leaders to expand on providing training.

John Garamendi  (Mettu, 1966-68) sent the following message:

In 1966, my wife Patti and I started our married life together by serving as Peace Corps volunteers in Ethiopia. We spent our years of service teaching and doing community development work, providing the foundation that would guide us in our life-long commitment to public service.

Today, we remain dedicated to the Peace Corps mission and are proud to have passed that dedication on to our family. Along with our youngest daughter, Patti and I support a Peace Corps Legacy Project in Mettu, Ethiopia, that provides students and teachers with computers, access to the Internet, and IT training. Patti and I had the opportunity to return to our host country last summer to visit the Mettu School and meet the students. We are truly blessed with the opportunity to work on this project and are grateful for the Peace Corps volunteers who are using their service to turn this dream into a reality. You can learn more about our legacy project in Ethiopia by clicking the link below:


Readers who wish to contribute to the ongoing fund may send a check to:

Ethiopia & Eritrea RPCVs
c/o Randy Marcus
1634 Martha Terrace
Rockville MD 20852-4134

Make out your check to “Ethiopia & Eritrea RPCVs,” and in the subject line enter “Mettu ITC Lab.” Include your email for tax receipt.

Recently acquired computers from the One Laptop per Child program funded by Legacy Program donations

Recently acquired computers from the One Laptop per Child program funded by Legacy Program donations.

A bank of computers in the Garamendis' Computer Lab.

A bank of computers in the Computer Lab.


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