Editor’s note

Peace Corps Celebrates 55 Years of Service and We Will be There!

Janet Lee (Emdeber, 1974-76)

The National Peace Corps Association’s annual conference is scheduled for September 21-25, 2016 and E&E RPCVs will have a definite presence. Board member Amanda Sutker (Adaba, West Arsi, 2012-14) is serving as the Chair of the Local Arrangements Committee.  She writes of the current status of programming in our first Herald article. We look forward to getting together with our fellow RPCVs.

David B. Levine (Emdeber 1964-66, PC/Ethiopia Staff 1967-70, Director, OPTC, PC/W 1977-81) takes us back to his site in Emdeber, where he served as the first PCV in that remote village. It is hard to imagine that the high school in which I taught is now 50 years old. I am grateful for these shared memories.

Rick Stoner (Addis Alem, Shoa 68-70 & Training 72-75) and his wife Elizabeth Ambaye provide an update on the Old Adwa Cultural Museum, a project that is sure to bring back memories for those who served in the north in that historical battleground area of Adwa.

Current Volunteer Jessica Dubow (Lode Jimata, Oromia, 2015-2017) shares a simple solution to a problem that keeps girls out of school for days every month inKeeping Girls in School: Family Planning, Sex Education, and RUMPS (Re-Usable Menstrual Pads).” A step-by-step guide can be shared with girls and teachers around the world.

Doug Eadie (Addis Ababa 1964–67) was honored to deliver the keynote address at the third General Assembly of the Tafari Makonnen Alumni Association of North America on May 29. Read his brief introduction and watch the video presentation in “Remembering Tafari Makonnen at the Third TMSAANA General Assembly.” The presentation is inspirational and the response from his former students is heartwarming.

No Volunteer serves in Ethiopia for the praise, but it is very gratifying when one of our own is recognized for going beyond the call.  Bob and Nancy Sturtevant (Hawassa, 2010-2013) recently received the Ram Pride Service Award at the Colorado State University (CSU) System Board of Governors meeting in May for a book donation project for the University of Hawassa.  Congratulations Bob and Nancy.

To close, John Coyne (Addis Ababa 1962–64) reviews the book “Kalubi” by Edmund P. Murray.  Although published in 1973, “Kalubi” is still somewhat relevant today.  Coyne provides added insight with a personal interviews of the author.

I will be traveling to Kenya with a colleague in late July and would not want to miss an opportunity to just hop on over to Ethiopia on my return. I will visit Adama (what I knew as Nazaret) to visit with the Aurora, CO Sister City partner and then fly up to Axum to get an update on the library project which Dwight Sullivan has written about previously in The Herald about supporting the development of the Axum Childrens Library. 

Watch for frequent updates about the DC Conference and much, much more on the E&E RPCVs Facebook page  at facebook.com/groups/eerpcv/

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  1. Do you have any contact information for David Levine?

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