PCVs in Ethiopia

Matt Westerberg “Peace Corps Partnership Program Grant a Success”

In January 2016, Ethiopia & Eritrea RPCVs made a donation to a Peace Corps Partnership Program project initiated by PCV Matt Westerberg to build chairs for a classroom and adequate toilets for his school in Yechila. We recently heard from Matt that the project is complete and that our donation was well spent.

The following letters of appreciation and photos demonstrate the spirit of cooperation from the Returned Peace Corps Volunteers and the PCVs in country. Congratulations to Matt for a job well done!

Please continue to check the Ethiopia Peace Corps Partnership Program grant page for new and exciting projects and opportunities for you to help.

The Editor, The Herald.



I would like to give you a final update on the project you have  generously donated to in Yechila, Ethiopia. Our project has been  completed, with one latrine’s support system being completed at the  secondary school, making a functioning bathroom there, a second  latrine foundation being finished and ready for further work by the  community this semester, and 14 new desks having been completed and in current use by students. The grant has succeeded in its aims,  increasing sanitation and the quality of education at the secondary  school. Class overcrowding has been diminished with the use of the new  desks. The preparatory school’s latrine foundation allows the  community to use previously saved funds to complete the bathroom by the end of this current semester. Thanks to your generosity,  sanitation and comfort for students and teachers has drastically  increased. Thank you for your kindness and support.

 Attached to this email is a letter written to you by the community  project leader, Director Kidanamiriam of the Secondary School. Please  read it, as it represents the sincere feelings of the community with regards to your support for this project.

 Thank you for all you have done. If you have any questions or  comments, feel free to contact me at any time. In emails to follow, I  will attach pictures of the completed latrine components and desks.

 Matt Westerberg
Education PCV
Peace Corps Ethiopia

DATE 03/11/2016 (Edited for clarity)


First and foremost the community and the Wereda administration of Tanqa Abergele Yechila Secondary school would like to thank you for your special donation.

Not only this but also the U.S government helps our students by allotting Peace Corps teacher enhancing our students skill.

Such as students desk and teacher’s toilet and also the community at large. As a result of this, the students of Yechila Secondary School have a good vision to achieve our goals and score good results.

Then, we hope that we will be the successors of you so as to contribute to the community of Yechila.

Thus, the residents of Yechila will improve their living standard and develop our community as a whole.

Generally, we don’t have a word to express our gratitude for your golden reward to our students.

With best regard

Kidanemariam Weldemicael
Director of Yehila Secondary School

1Prep foundation

With mountains behind them, workers are digging a very shallow hole that is the beginning of the Preparatory School’s latrine foundation.

The conrete and rock structure slightly above ground is the final foundation for the Preparatory School. The School will continue adding an above-ground structure with community raised funds this semester.

2Secondary foundation

Digging the hole for the Secondary School latrine.

3Secondary Completed

The concrete slab being watered is the final completed foundation for the Secondary School. Note in the lower right a trench leaving the hole.

The end result is two functioning latrines, drastically increasing sanitation in both schools.


5 desks

14 new desks will allow the secondary school to ustilize a new classroom that was previously empty. This will decrease the number of students in other, overcrowded classes. The quality of teaching and learning has already dramatically improved, with more personalized lessons.

Read another article about this project that we published in January.

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