Editor’s note — April 2016

Looking Back, Looking Forward

by Janet Lee (Emdeber, 1974-76)

More than 3,615 Peace Corps Volunteers have served in Ethiopia since the program was established in 1962. Currently 235 Volunteers are in country working on projects in education, the environment, and health.  For the majority of us, Ethiopia touched us in ways that are difficult to explain, but touched us nevertheless.

Nearly 100 Returned Volunteers participated in the “Return to Ethiopia” in 2012, a most remarkable adventure. Many Returned Volunteers have had opportunities to return since, some for the first time in over 50 years, others on multiple return trips to work on projects of the heart. Within this issue are a few of their stories and their ongoing projects.

Highlighted in this issue are Doug Mickelson’s (Yirgalem, 1962-64) personal “Return to Ethiopia,” and Dwight Sullivan (Yegalem, Dodola, 1970-72) and my new RPCV Legacy Program project. Current Volunteer Matt Westerberg (Yichila, Tigray) describes the success of a project, funded in part by E&E RPCVs and Current Volunteer Grace Kabel (Agula, Tigray, 2015–17 )  enlightens the reader on the Action for Gender Equality (AGE) Summit held in Addis Ababa.   Board member Amanda Sutker (Adaba, 2012-14) is leading the charge for E&E RPCVs’ participation at the National Peace Corps Association conference in Washington D.C. Ethiopia is one of four countries spotlighted in the documentary A Towering Task, directed by RPCV Alana DeJoseph (Mali 1992-94). Alana describes the documentary and why Ethiopia was so important to include.

We introduce three new board members, Rebecca Beauregard (Motta, 2009-11), Steve Cristofar (Adi Quala, Debarla, Eritrea, 1962-64) and Randy Marcus (Asella 1966–68).  The Herald also pays tribute to RPCV and famed author Mildred D. Taylor (Yirgalem, 1965-67) on the fortieth anniversary of the publication of her award-winning book Roll of Thunder, Hear my Cry.

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2 responses to “Editor’s note — April 2016

  1. Marian and Janet–once more an impressive newsletter. You two are amazing and this issue is even better. The only thing more impressive are the lives of the RPCVs who were PCVs in Ethiopia, and what they have done since, for Ethiopia….project after project in-country and here at home, all with an E&E connection. Thank you both for gathering us under this social media umbrella every few months.

  2. Thanks, John. Ethiopia definitely changes lives, whether one was there in the 60s or a year ago. The friendships that I have made with Ethiopians here in the U.S. continue and endure. The Herald is definitely a gift of the heart.

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