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Axum Library and Cultural Center Update

update by Dwight Sullivan (Yergalem, Dodola 70–72)

In September, Dwight Sullivan (Yergalem, Dodola 70-72), wrote in The Herald of his work with the Ethiopian Community Development Council’s library development project in Axum. Dwight is currently in Axum where he has been supervising the unloading of six (yes, count them six!) shipping containers of building materials from Dubai and one container of miscellaneous items including furniture, books, desks, and sewing machines. The  building materials include ceramic tiles, metal frames, windows, and tools that are not available in Ethiopia.

Entry area with new windows waiting to be installed.

Entry area with new windows waiting to be installed.


He has also commissioned three pieces of art: one is on canvas, one is on a goat skin, and the last is on a cow skin. The first is of the battle of Magdela, the second is of the Italians in WW II in Axum, and the last (see below) is of the Dergue period.

3rd commissioned art work 2 view

Dwight plans to commission a mural of the Blue Nile falls for the children’s section of the library.


Children's Room

Children’s Room

Dwight has been beating the streets of Addis Ababa in search of children’s books in local languages.  There are few to be found.  Could publishing be the next great step?

Dwight - madeline

PCV Madeline Jones and her sewing class

Axum has presented Dwight with much great fortune.  Through Peace Corps connections in Axum, he was introduced to PCV Madeline Jones, whole lives in Belie [Tigray] (between Axum and Shire), and is a most able seamstress and crafter.  She gave a private sewing lesson to a group of nuns, and, according to Dwight, was quite adept at her command of Tigrinya based on the amount of chatter while they worked together. In that one short session, they were able to craft together a small prayer book carrying case. A sure sign of more good things to come.

Highlight of Dwight’s trip? Kissing a bishop’s cross.


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