E&E RPCVs Group News

Introducing Our New Board Members

Amanda Sutker (Adaba, West Arsi, 2012-14)

sutker-1My name is Amanda Sutker and I served as a Peace Corps/Ethiopia G7 Volunteer from 2012 to 2014. I was an English teacher trainer in Adaba, a small town in West Arsi between Shashemene and Robe. During my service, I worked with Ethiopian English teachers, many of whom studied English under PCVs in the 1960s and 1970s. I also taught seventh and eighth grade spoken English courses, mentored a group of high school girls, and coordinated a story development initiative between PCVs and graduate writing students in the adabaUnited States that resulted in the distribution of 2,000 English language anthologies throughout Ethiopia.

I currently live in Washington, D.C. and work as a writer with the Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service’s Legislative and Public Affairs program.  Outside of work I mentor a recent Ugandan refugee, practice yoga, and attend a small, diverse church (where an Oromo congregation meets in the afternoon).

I decided to join the board because I appreciate the formal organization of a returned Peace Corps group, and I’d like to help build a bridge between the generation of RPCVs who have taken leadership of the E&E RPCV group and recently returned RPCVs like me. Since I live in DC, I also think I have a lot to offer in planning E&E reunions at the NPCA conference. I’m working with Barry Hillenbrand (Debre Marcos 63–65) to plan a small event for E&E RPCVs in January, and we’ve even coordinated a local Ethiopian-American comedian to attend the dinner.

I look forward to working on the Board.

 Kristen (Straw) Barredo  (2007–09)


Click to see Kristen, her host sisters and brother, and her husband Jim Barredo at Tissisat Falls

My name is Kristen (Straw) Barredo and I was in the first Peace Corps group to re-enter Ethiopia in 2007. I was assigned to the Finote Selam (West Gojjam) HIV/AIDS Prevention and Control Office. During my time in Finote Selam I worked with women and youth affected by HIV/AIDS, as well as the People Living with HIV/AIDS Association, to start income generating projects. Through grants and other funding our office was able to raise, we were able to support groups to start a grain mill, hair salon, a new café near the hospital, small shops, and Finote Selam’s first automatic washing machine for a finote-selamlaundry service! I also participated in many Woreda HIV/AIDS education campaigns and guest-taught health and English classes at the middle schools and high school.

Since 2009, I have been working in the humanitarian and emergency relief sector and had the opportunity to return to Ethiopia multiple times and live there again during 2012–2013.

I am excited to use my experience in managing grants and privately funded projects to continue the good work the E&E RPCV Legacy Program is doing. I look forward to hearing your ideas on how we can continue to support projects in Ethiopia and Eritrea!

One response to “E&E RPCVs Group News

  1. tsehaye tessema

    I am a pioneering Trainer of PCV’s in Ethiopia during the 1970’s’. I want to rekindle my cross cultural and language training experiences by shariung with the PCVS who would be assigned in Ethiopia in the future. I wonder if you could help me in this venture.
    my email is , selamleethiopiaradio@gmail.com
    Tsehaye Tessema, by the way I have been living in the D.C Metro Area for the last sixteen years and currently work for the Embassy of Ethiopia. I am a green card holder. .

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