E&E RPCVs Group News

Recently our group — that’s E&E RPCVs for short — made a donation through our RPCV Legacy Program to a Peace Corps Partnership Program project in Ethiopia. We have received the following letter from the PCV who applied for the grant:

Dear Ethiopia and Eritrea RPCVs,

My name is Matt Westerberg and I am the Peace Corps Volunteer
overseeing the grant project you recently donated to in Yechila,yechila
Tigray region, Ethiopia.

First of all, thank you so much for your generosity and help! This
project is particularly special because it was generated from members
of the community who saw the need. It is also notable because much
of the funding for this project is being provided by donations from
parents, local business owners, and other community stakeholders in

Your generous donation will be combined with these hard saved
community funds to build two new bathrooms, one for Yechila Secondary
School, and another for Yechila Preparatory School. In addition, some
of the funds you have donated will go towards building 20 new desks to
reduce overcrowding by allowing the secondary school to utilize a new
classroom that was recently built.

I will keep you updated with pictures and written accounts of our
progress. Thank you again for you help and support!

Matt in "Smells Like Teen Spirit"

Matt in “Smells Like Teen Spirit”

Matt Westerberg
Education PCV
Peace Corps Ethiopia

P.S. Also, below is an article from the BBC on our most recent English Club
project! Enjoy!

CLICK: Ethiopian students perform “Smells Like Teen Spirit” for Dave Grohl’ birthday


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