RPCV Legacy Program

Unique Fundraising Opportunity for E&E Legacy Projects

by Gloria Gieseke Curtis (Asmara 1963–65)

Lois and Terry Shoemaker (Ethiopia I – Asmara 1962–64) brought home a very complete and unique collection of Ethiopian cultural items, art work, clothing and artifacts. Terry passed away in 1975 and Lois has kept the collection in storage since then. Last year she decided to put the items in the hands of Ethiopia II fundraiser, Gloria Curtis, hoping to sell or auction items and raise money for E&E RPCV’s Legacy Program projects.

Funds raised with these sales will benefit the newest Legacy project, championed by Nancy Horn (Addis Ababa 1966–68) and  supporting Ethiopia Reads,  Lois’s favorite project, or a project of your choice.

Click to view a few of the items from Lois’s collection:

Gloria is adding to the offering her recently-made necklace and earring sets that feature Ethiopian silver crosses. Click to view some of her necklaces with matching earrings:

Many more pieces are available and interested parties are asked to contact Gloria Curtis in Denver at 303-422-3742 or e-mail:  don_curtis@msn.com for additional photos, prices, shipping arrangements, etc.  The jewelry sets are $25 and the items from Lois are available for a fair price donation to Ethiopia Reads or any other Legacy project.

Checks should be made out to E&E RPCVs with the Legacy Project of your choice on the memo line.  Send checks to Marian Beil, 492 Staten Ave. Apt. 1003, Oakland, CA 94610-4908.  Thank you all for your support.

New RPCV Legacy Program project

The E&E RPCVs Board has voted to initiate a new RPCV Legacy Program project the goal of which will be to give support to Peace Corps Partnership projects designed by current PCVs in Ethiopia. Board member Leo Cecchini will be the champion of the project. Announcements will be made when PC/Ethiopia projects are announced.


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