A daughter is looking for her parents’ friends

A letter from Lea Setegn

My mother was Diane Campbell. She was a PCV in Ethiopia from summer 1972 until early 1973 [probably Ethiopia XVIII]. My father is Eshetu Setegn, an Ethiopia native from Debre Berhan who worked for the Peace Corps while he was a student at Haile Selassie I University. He worked for the Peace Corps during the summer. I think he started in 1969; I know that his last summer was 1973.

My Dad was my Mom’s Peace Corps group leader in the summer of 1972. They were in a small village near the rain forest, but I don’t know which one. My Mom was sent to the village to learn the language and culture before being sent to her Volunteer job of teaching English in a village school. I never did get the name of the village where she was sent.


Diane Campbell and Eshetu Setegn in early 2000s

My parents married in November 1972 at City Hall in Addis Ababa. My Mom left the Peace Corps early because she was pregnant with me and came home to Rochester, NY. My Dad finished college and worked for the Peace Corps in the summer of 1973. He joined me and my Mom in October 1973.

My Mom passed away in May 2008. My parents were married over 35 years, and Dad misses her every day. I would love to find people who knew them both and help my Dad connect with them.

I do remember meeting one of my parents’ friends from the Peace Corps. Sadly, I don’t remember anything but her first name, which is Chris. She had twin boys who were toddlers in 1980 when I met them.

I’ve attached a photo of my parents from the early 2000s. They both look pretty similar to how they looked in the early 1970s.

Lea Setegn

Do you remember Diane and Eshetu?
Lea and her father would be so pleased to hear from you.

Send a note with your contact information to

and E&E RPCVs will forward it to Lea.

A PC Trainer would like to reconnect with his Trainees

Hi there! This is Tewodros Sahlemariam. I was a trainer of those volunteers at PST ’98. I don’t know what I can do, but if there is anything that I can do for this group, I would be very glad. We had a great training time at Ambo then. I remember everyone of the trainees. Anyways, if here is anything I could help, let me know.                   —Teddy

To reconnect with Teddy send a note with your contact information to

and E&E RPCVs will forward it to Teddy.


One response to “Friends

  1. Fikre mariam Tsehai

    Hello, My name is Fikre Mariam Tsehai. I do remember Diane and Eshetu. I was one of the language instructors in Awassa in 1972. I am sorry to hear that Diane passed away.

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