Letters to THE HERALD

Share Letters of Peace

from Charles (Sam) Greer, Ethiopia 1966-68

In a recent article in the AARP Bulletin, an appeal for “War Letters” from Andrew Carroll, Director of the Center for American War Letters at Chapman University in Orange, CA prompted me to write the following:

Where are the Peace letters? Over the last 50 years almost 300 Peace Corps Volunteers have died during service, but no one prints their letters. How much longer do we have to glorify war? Check out the Fallen Peace Corps Volunteer Project online.

— Sam Greer

To which I got the following reply:

Dear Mr. Greer,

Hello and thank you for your email. Please know that we absolutely seek out, archive, and promote letters concerning peace. Indeed, some of the most impassioned calls for peace are articulated by service members who have seen firsthand the horrors of war. We also are very interested in letters by pacifists. (I, personally, was educated in a Quaker school.)

Whenever people ask, “Why aren’t (insert subject matter here)-related letters in your collection??” my response is: Please help us find them!! So if you strongly believe that letters related to peace should be part of our collection (and again, some already are!), we would be very grateful if you would spread the word and assist us in finding more of these important letters.

Thank you again for taking the time to write to us.

Andy Carroll

So please help me “spread the word” to get more Peace Letters into the Chapman University collection. Besides any letters that you may have, it would help to let your Country of Service groups know where to send any that they may have. The hard copy contact is Andrew Carroll, P.O. Box 53250, Washington DC 20009. Emails and scans can be sent to warletters@chapman.edu

My friends, we have a lot of sharing to do in order to match the 100,000 war letters already in the Chapman collection. Thanks — Sam

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