Editor’s Note

By Janet Lee (Emdeber 1974-76)

It is Meskarem, the first month of the New Year, when the heavy rains subside and the perky yellow Meskal flowers bloom. School has begun in the US and will begin soon in Ethiopia. A new group of Peace Corps Volunteers (G9), comprised of 57 education Volunteers, has survived training and each Volunteer has learned of his or her assignment.  The adventure begins.  Included in the group picture (below) of the new Volunteers are Country Director Greg Engle (left), the new U.S. Ambassador to Ethiopia, Patricia Haslach (right of center, white suit ) and Ambassador Taye Atskeselassie (left of center, gray suit), Director General for the Americas in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.


This issue of The Herald begins with an interview of Peace Corps Ethiopia Country Director, Greg Engle. An RPCV (Korea) himself, Greg has traveled and worked extensively throughout Africa. It is evident that Africa has captured his heart. He is genuinely pleased with his assignment in Ethiopia and equally pleased with the Volunteers with whom he works.  Read on and learn of his extensive hidden talents.

In a related article, Alma Toroian Raymond (Dabat 67–69), describes the recent adventure that she and her husband, Doug, pursued in “Finding Nasser” during their return to Ethiopia with other RPCVs celebrating the 50th Anniversary.  The Raymonds were successful, both in finding their former student and also bringing about change at their former site of Dabat.

Joe Bell  (Alamata, Wello 1969-71), describes the recent Peace Corps Connect conference held in Boston in June 2013 and updates us on the Ethiopian Sustainable Food Project [ESFP].  The project is thriving and continues providing needed services.

Finally, my favorite.  Book Reviews.  RPCVs review titles by their fellow Volunteers or titles about Ethiopia.

And I close with welcome news.  Marian Haley Beil, our stalwart leader, has found a news editor: Marianne Arieux (Asmara 1965-67) — “Thank you, Marianne.” Feel free to send her tidbits of information, and news sites of importance for the next issues of The Herald. With this addition, I feel The Herald  is all the more complete.

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  1. Curt Peterson Asmara 1966-1970

    Kassahun Checole, publisher of the sister presses, Africa World Press and Red Sea Press, is currently struggling with the aftermath of a kidney transplant. Keep him in your thoughts. He was taught by Peace Corps Volunteers in Asmara and Addis during the late 60’s and early 70’s. His presses are known all over the world.

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