Reunion after the Reunion

By Jon Wechsler (Mendefera 66–68)

Many who attended

Many who attended

Two months after 97 of us celebrated the 50th Anniversary of the first Peace Corps Volunteers in Ethiopia, a much smaller group gathered in an Ethiopian restaurant in New York City to reminisce about the recent trip. The 22 Ethiopian RPCVs at the November 26, 2012 lunch included many who traveled on the recent trip, and a few who couldn’t make it, and wanted to hear how it went. Also, as always happens, there were a few reunions among those who simply hadn’t met one another during the Peace Corps reunions over the past years.

Donald & Jackie Schlenger had brought with them by far the best collection
of trip stories and photos. And, as their album was being passed around,
they talked about an idea of theirs, to hold an Ethiopian Volunteers Reunion
Weekend in April 2013 in their part of North Carolina. (See details by clicking on “REUNIONS” just above the header photo on any page of The Herald.)

E. T. Williams told us about a generous art donation he brought to Addis on the trip, and shared with us the wonderful letter he received from Ethiopia thanking him.

Jon Wechsler brought with him the timely titled “Ethiopia 1966,” a gorgeous new photo book not yet available in the United States, but found by him in his last few hours in Addis. Over 100 photos taken in Ethiopian and Eritrea in 1965–1966 are in this recently published volume.

Nancy Horn told us about some of her recent trips to Ethiopia, describing a number of opportunities to teach, to volunteer in other ways, in Ethiopia in the years to come.

After five hours or so, the last of the group departed, well fed, and most
hoarse from hours of talk.

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