E&E RPCVs Group News

by Marian Haley Beil (Debre Berhan 62–64)

“Return to Ethiopia”

Planning continues for the trip to Ethiopia this fall that starts off with a reception at the Ethiopia Embassy the evening of September 22. The embassy generously invites any RPCVs living in the DC area to the reception. You must RSVP to Russ Misheloff ( rmisheloff@comcast.net ) if you would like to attend. More details to come later.

If you are hoping to travel with the group that departs on the EAL flight on September 23, you MUST contact Russ Misheloff ( rmisheloff@comcast.net ) by May 30.

All about the trip

We have a page of many details about the trip that you can access by clicking on “Return to Ethiopia” that is in the black bar above the photo header of each Herald page.

Who is going?

You can also see the list of those who have informed the planning committee that they are interested in making the trip. Let your cursor hover over “Return to Ethiopia” in the black bar above and “Travellers” will appear as a pull-down option. Click on it.

Facebook page

As part of the planning for the trip, E&E RPCVs has finally signed up for a Facebook page. At this time it is primarily being used by travellers to exchange comments, questions and suggestions.

The group will continue use the Facebook page to make timely announcements of interest throughout the year that can’t wait to be published in The Herald. Because this page is only for Peace Corps/Ethiopia and Eritrea Volunteers and staff, in order to be able to make post or make comments for our group on the page you must request to become a “friend,” and will subsequently be approved.

Finally a thank you to the Trip Planning Committee for all the work they are doing: Leo Cecchini who is heading up the operation, plus Sue Hoyt Aiken, Steve Cristofar, Nancy Horn and Russ Misheloff.

A follow-up on the Reunion Auction

Thanks to Nancy Horn (Addis 66-68) and some item donors and helpers who organized and those who purchased, the Silent Auction held during our 50th Anniversary Reunion was a wonderful success. In total E&E RPCVs receive $4498.98 for its RPCV Legacy Program projects. The projects and the amounts they received from the auction are: Borana Student Advancement $289.00; Ethiopia Reads/Awassa $2151.58; HIV and Other Healthcare Books for Rural Communities $1632.47; ITC for Metu School $290.00; and Publish Eritrea Remembered $135.84. (Item donors were able to indicate which projects they wished to support, thus the differences.)

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