Historical Notes

Picture Puzzle

The death of Sargent Shriver in January jogged loose memories — and old pictures. And we all know old pictures can be puzzling

Name the PCVs, left to right, at the mystery location.

THE DAUGHTER OF Joe Kaufmann, Peace Corps/Washington’s first Director of Training, has been in touch with Ted Vestal (Staff 64–66) recently about some Peace Corps celebrations she’s been involved with. She sent Ted a photo that was taken in Addis Ababa in October 1962. That’s her father in the center. Sarge is unmistakable on the right. But is that young Harris Wofford second from left? She asked Ted if he could identify the PCVs in the picture. He can’t, nor could he figure out where it was taken. Does anyone recognize the young men or the locale? The picture must have been taken was during the Shriver visit that included his famous dinner with Haile Selassie when he petted the Emperor’s pet lion, Tojo. If anyone can help, we’ll forward the info to Kaufmann’s daughter, Marcia Krasnow, who lives in the Boston area.

2 responses to “Historical Notes

  1. Hi, Barry,
    The first thing to notice is how gorgeous the people are in the picture. And look at the interesting coats and narrow ties. Where are the women? You can just imagine the parties these poor souls must have had!!!!
    The location, Gojam Province, the town of Saint Mark. And the people, Feltus, Wofford, Berndt, Lipez, Wilson, Collins, and Shriver. Missing from the picture, and very important people, were Jim Brannon, John Ebeling, and Charlie Allen.
    Thank you for the picture and all that you do.

  2. Marcia Kauffman Krasnow

    I was just delighted to receive this information! Thank you so much!
    Marcia Kauffman Krasnow

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