Fiftieth Anniversary I

Seven months and counting down to the 50th Anniversary Celebrations in Washington

Lots of work has been done. More is awaiting. And it all adds up to a promise of a great time in Washington

Planning for the 50th anniversary of Peace Corps continues. Big events will be taking place in Washington the weekend of September 22th through 24th. For those wanting to come to Washington to join with RPCVs from all over the country who served in many nations, reservations are still available for rooms at the Crystal City Marriott for our group. This is the Marriott (and, as we said before, be careful because there are many other Marriotts in the Washington area)  that will be the headquarters hotel for Ethiopia&Eritrea RPCVs. For details on how to get reservations see:

Please notify us that you are coming
If you are planning to come in September and want to join in the Ethiopia/Eritrea festivities — and who wouldn’t? — do send an email to C.J. Smith Castagnaro (Harar; Debre Zeit; Addis 65-66) telling her of your plans so that we can make our plans. She has received about 70 R.S.V.P.’s so far. She is acting as registrar for our events. When the time comes she will collect the fees necessary to get the programs going. That probably makes her Registrar/Treasurer.  Her email is: She’s waiting to hear from you so she can put your name on the list to make sure you included in all the interesting (and fun!) events.

Other colleagues, under the direction of E&E RPCV President Marian Beil (Debre Berhan 62-65), are hard at work planning events for the meeting. Nancy Horn (Addis Ababa 66-68), program chair, is working with Shlomo Bachrach (Staff 65 to 67) to plan the grand Saturday Morning Program which will be held at the Marriott. At this program some speakers will bring us up-to-date on Ethiopia and Eritrea. We’ll have other talks and presentations about Peace Corps and our RPCVs. Nancy has looked at the suggestions made in the comments section of the last issue of the HERALD. She and Shlomo are eager to hear more suggestions about what sort of presentations you would like to have that morning. Music, Art, readings? Please send a message with your ideas to Nancy at or post them as a comment on this story. She is eager to hear from you.

Programming for hospitality room presentations
We are looking of a volunteer to help organize some programs for the Hospitality Room. Lots of people would like to give talks, make presentations, show slides, and who knows what else. There will not be time for them all during the Saturday Morning Program, but some of these can be made in the Hospitality room at other times.  If you want to help organize this, please send a message to Marian Beil at:

Help with the dinner
Judy Smith
(Asmara 63-65) is working on organizing a dinner for us at the Ethiopian Embassy on Friday night. She could use some volunteers to help out as the event gets closer and, of course, will need assistance the night of the dinner. Please contact her at

Training Group Reunions
Planning is also proceeding on reunions for individual Training Groups during the 50th Anniversary weekend. For example, Don Schlenger (Waldia 66–68) is interested in getting his group — Group VII Utah 1966-1968 — together that weekend.  Recently he received an email list of members of Group VII from Marian to help him with organizing the reunion. She is happy to share email lists with the contact information we have for RPCVs from the training groups with anyone interested in organizing a Training Group reunion.  Please contact her for those.

Also if anyone is planning a Training Group reunion, please  let us at the HERALD know and we would be delighted to share that information with everyone. Ultimately we will publish a schedule of events and would want to include a list of the Training Group reunions.

Based on the scheduling so far by us, the Peace Corps and the NPCA, we are strongly recommending that all training group reunions be scheduled for Saturday afternoon — September 24th.

3 responses to “Fiftieth Anniversary I

  1. Claire Pied-Hailu

    new address:
    276 West Deer Park Rd
    Gaithersburg, MD
    I have requested to be on the Herald list but never received any mail

  2. Claire – I’ve added your email to our mailing list and you will begin receiving notices of new issues of The Herald. Marian

  3. Claire Pied-Hailu

    Thanks Marian, looking forward to receiving the Herald.

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