Teaching in Harar

Haramaya University  has openings for health professionals and teachers

by Thomas R. Syre (Addis 72–74)

During my time in Peace Corps in Ethiopia I worked half of my tour with the WHO Smallpox Eradication Program searching out smallpox cases in the countryside and vaccinating populations-at-risk in the Shoa province. I spent the other half of my time in Ethiopia developing health education materials and programs for the five Teacher Training Institutes of the Ministry of Education. My time in the Peace Corps was a wonderful experience.

Haramaya Gate

After retiring from a career in university teaching in the States, I returned to Ethiopia to teach public health education in the MPH Program in the Colleges of Health and Medical Sciences at Haramaya University in Harar. I am enjoying working with Ethiopians and expats who are well-educated, highly skilled educators and health professionals. The graduate students are mostly middle-aged health professionals from the fields of nursing, medicine, environmental health and sanitation, and laboratory technology. They are motivated and hard-working students. All classes are taught in English. Also, the opportunities to do meaningful and significant research are many.

There is a need for health professionals and educators to come to our Colleges of Health and Medical Sciences to teach. We need physicians and pharmacists for our MD program. We also need clinical nurses, nurse practitioners and nurse midwives for our BS and MSN nursing programs. There is a need for health educators, health administrators, epidemiologists, bio-statiticians, medical ethicists, and other health professionals for our MPH program and health officer program.

Haramaya University, which has about 4,000 students, has a beautiful campus complete with modern classrooms, administration buildings, a comfortable faculty/staff lounge, a conference center, supermarkets, restaurants, a gymnasium, out-door swimming pool, a university clinic and other amenities. The university provides free modern and comfortable housing on the main campus for faculty and staff on short- or long-term contracts. The salaries are good by Ethiopian standards. You can join the university any time of the year. The weather is wonderful: temperate and very comfortable year round.

Haramaya University was originally named Alemaya University. The university’s several campuses have a student population of 17,000 students and is one of the oldest and finest universities in the country. It was established fifty years ago as an agricultural college but has since expanded into a comprehensive university with Bachelors, Masters and Ph.D. programs in a variety of disciplines. The university has a good site on the Web. I encourage you to visit it.

If you have any questions or would like additional information about teaching at Haramaya University, please contact me. I can be reached most easily by e-mail (trsyre@gmail.com) although I would welcome your telephone calls at 251-0920032663.  Come join me in a wonderful chance at a second act in Ethiopia.

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