Fiftieth Anniversary

UCLA Peace Corps 50th anniversary commemorations

Ethiopia 2s at UCLA - click for larger view

UCLA is seeking items for an exhibition to accompany a series of events planned for March 2011

The HERALD received an email from Kate Kuykendall, a RPCV (China 99-01) who is working as a public affairs officer for Peace Corps in Los Angeles, asking help from Ethiopian and Eritrean RPCVs in putting together programs marking Peace Corps’ 50th anniversary. Here’s Kate’s message:

Dear Ethiopia/Eritrea RPCV,
The Los Angeles Peace Corps office and UCLA would like to specially invite those RPCVs who trained on the UCLA campus during the 1960s to take part in the commemoration of Peace Corps’ 50th anniversary at UCLA from March 2-5, 2011.  We would also like to solicit your help in developing an exhibit that will chronicle some of the events that took place on campus during your training.

We have a great series of events planned, including a panel and dessert reception for the exhibit that will feature Peace Corps Director Aaron S. Williams and MSNBC host Chris Matthews (RPCV Swaziland), the Peace Corps International Festival, a film screening, and a service project. Learn more and sign up for our email updates at  We also have a Facebook page at

This newly launched website also contains a place for you to share your experience as a trainee and a photo.  We’d love to hear from you and feature your story and photo on the site.

For an exhibit at the Powell Library we are in need of photos, written materials, or memorabilia that can help us tell the story of the Peace Corps experience training on the UCLA campus in the 1960s (telegram from Sarge Shriver, photos at Mira Hershey Hall, etc.).  We are interested in any formal or informal essays or journal entries you have written, training materials, recollections, graphic images, or anything else that can help us put together this exhibit.

We will be offering discounted hotel rates and VIP tours of the campus for trainees that make the trip to Los Angeles for these events.

Please let us know if you will be able to participate in our celebration and if you have any materials that we may borrow for the exhibit. You can contact me at  or by phone at 310 356 1106 . We are also grateful if you are able to get us in touch with other RPCVs who trained on UCLA’s campus and invite them to contribute and come to the March events.

We look forward to hearing back from you as soon as possible — and please help us spread the word!

Sincerely, Kate

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