Letters to THE HERALD

More kinds words. More checks! And a lovely poem

We love all the praise, but, hey, where’s that famous Peace Corps contentiousness?  There must be something we are doing that brings out a strong, negative opinion

To the HERALD:
I  don’t know how I got to be on your email list, but I do appreciate receiving the HERALD. Thank you for sending it to me. I trust that the Herald will continue to reach a wider audience and do well.
Woody Carter (Harar 66-68)

Editor’s Note: We’re not sure how you got on there either since our email list has been cobbled together over the years from various sources. Peace Corps does not have a central record of RPCVs, to say nothing of an email database. Peace Corps is about to contract out a firm to reconstruct a list of all former PCVs.  But we are glad to have found you. Our list is very good, but not complete. So we urge all readers to send us email addresses of old RPCV friends  who would be interested in the HERALD. And, of course, don’t forget to send in your fee to support the HERALD, E&ERPCVs and the Legacy program.

To the HERALD:
Very nice looking issue!  Electronic is not only cheaper, it gives you formatting and appearance flexibility. I’ll start actually reading it soon.
Tom Andrews (Makale 64-65, Addis 65-66)

To the HERALD:
Thank you so much for the Herald!  I love it.  Makes me long for thosechallenging but wonderful years. Many years later, Peace Corps Ethiopia/Eritrea remains a touchstone for me!
Tom Kirchberg (Errer, Adua, Axum 73-75)

To the HERALD:
Great work on this and thanks to all involved. Enclosed in Check for $25 for three years.
Next year on the Mall!
Don & Jackie Schlenger (Woldiya 66-68)

To the HERALD:
Congratulations to Marian & Barry for your outstanding job on the online HERALD. Twenty-five dollars of the attached check is for a 3-year subscription and $25 is for the Legacy Programs.
Steve Cristofar (Asmara, Adi Quala 62-64)

To the HERALD:
Kudos to both of you for the online HERALD.  So convenient, inclusive, well-written that I read the entire thing over a cup of tea the minute it arrives.  Thanks for both your hard work/long hours making us “Ethio-phobes” happy.  It’s our main and best connection which keeps us informed and happy.
Fran Fisher LaCroix (Debre Berhan 62-64)

To the HERALD:
Enclosed is a check for $25 for the HERALD.
I am enjoying all the articles especially any mention of Endeber. I knew Mengy  (Journeys, March 30) well although I spell his name differently. No douubt due to my Boston accent. I imagine there are a group of former Ethiopian students now in their 50s who pronounce the number after three as if it were a two-syllable word: “Foe’ wah.”
Bernie Coughlin (Endeber 67-69)

To the HERALD:
The Peace Corps in Ethiopia gave me a great experience with a different culture from 1964 to 1966. The first year I taught English to middle school students in Yirgallem. The second year–after I married John Goulet–I continued teaching English in Debre Zeit and organized a small library for the community. I continued working as a teacher and a librarian after we returned to the U.S.
Below is a poem I’d like to submit to the HERALD. I’ve been tinkering with it for many years. Satisfactory final lines came to me only recently. I like the word “begetting” because it reminds me of the Coptic Church. “Birthing” might have been O.K., too.

Leslie Clark Goulet (Yirgallem, Debre Zeit 64-66)

• • •

One response to “Letters to THE HERALD

  1. Mrs Goulet was my English teacher at Debre Zeit. What special people were the PEACE CORPS. I miss and long those beutiful golden ages of Ethiopia. What a great poem Mrs Goulet. I want you to know that you have changed th life of lots of people like myself. I appreciate that a lot. Thank you.

    Tewabech mengistu

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