ETHIOPIA VII: Let’s organize a reunion back in Ethiopia

Encouraged by the enthusiastic and nostalgic responses to Peace Corps she encounters during her frequent visits, Nancy Horn suggests organizing a reunion in Ethiopia

By Nancy Horn (Addis 66-68)

I have been going to Ethiopia on average twice a year for the past five years to consult with the largest Evangelical Church there. While in country, I have met many Ethiopians who were taught by PCVs. I met two former students who were taught by ETHI VIIs (my group), earned their PhDs in the US and are now working in development. I am very interested in learning how many VIIs are ready to make a group return trip some time during 2011. The timing would not interfere with the 50th anniversary celebrations Peace Corps has scheduled for Washington for September 2011.

I am willing to take the leadership in organizing such a trip along with a committee formed by any of you who are interested. Two years ago I did the organization for a group of teachers who went to Ethiopia to provide a week of teacher training to church-school teachers.

If you are interested in taking such a trip, please send me an email (or a letter) providing some of the following information:

  • Name, email contact, telephone number, and mailing address.
  • Town and years of PC service.
  • Number of people traveling with you.
  • Price ceiling per person.
  • Preferred month of travel, plus one or two alternatives.
  • Departure location.
  • Number of days you want to spend in-country, beyond the three travel days in and out of country.
  • Activities you are interested in.
  • Willingness to serve on the planning committee or raise funds for the reunion, or both.

Please send your replies to me at, or 1225 South Lorraine Road, #212, Wheaton, IL 60189.   I would appreciate a response by March 31. I will be moving in April and all the numbers will change.  I’ll report back to you in THE HERALD on the response.

I should be returning to Ethiopia this summer. I thought I might  place an advertisement in the Ethiopian newspapers trying to get in contact with those who were taught by PCVs during the period September 1966 to June 1968.  With the responses and a bit of networking we can plan a gathering, probably in Addis Ababa, for us all. We will have to do some fundraising for this as there may be quite a few people. Do let me hear from you by the end of March, and I’ll set things in motion.

3 responses to “Reunions

  1. Betty McLaughlin Hagberg

    3722-39th Street Court
    Moline, IL 61265
    Debre Berhan, 64-66
    Ethiopia III
    My husband Darrel and I
    Flexible as to dates, except July 22-23
    Departure Chicago
    7-10 days
    Would like to visit: Addis, Lalibella, Debra Berhan, other major sites, contact students

  2. Lee Plate Highway 66-69

    Nancy, I’m on the road quite a bit starting in May (Bolivia, Kosovo, el Salvador, Kenya, South Africa, Ethi) but would be happy to help out. Let’s get together at the Diamond soon!

  3. Hello my name is Marc Maubry, Marketing Director based in the USA for Experience Ethiopia Travel, owned by an Ethiopian company, the General Manager is a USA citizen from Chicago but based in Ethiopia. We have excellent air rates and offer competitive land costs. I can be contacted at and our web page is

    Thank You,

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