Letters to THE HERALD

Welcome back, HERALD!

In addition to comments that readers posted onto the stories in our first set of stories, we received a few other letters. A sampling

Good to have you back.  We look forward to a good read.
Timothy McDonald (73-76)

Terrific! Thank you very much. Words of praise, but more important, I’ll send money.
Karen MacDonald Rosenthal (Addis, Harar 67-68)

Just seeing the photo of Ethiopia made me cry.  Now I want to go back.  I was there from 1964 – 1967 in Debre Zeit.  I don’t’ think I can run a mile anymore however so I doubt I would make the cut.
Peggy Goetzke (Debre Zeit 64-67)

Thank you, Marian and Barry.  Thanks to this message I finally finished reading the last issue. I had bogged down at page 32.  Like you, I keep busy in retirement.  I appreciate THE HERALD very much. Just one comment:  You give all these good arguments for going electronic and then ask us to mail you a check for the Herald?  How about taking PayPal?
Joe Tenn (Addis 62-64)

•You have a good point. We are working on getting PayPal so that you will not have to mail that check to us. Thanks for suggesting it. Stay tuned.

Barry, I can hardly find a pay phone; I don’t subscribe to Face Book, My Space or Twitter and now I have to get THE HERALD exclusively by e-mail. THANKS!!!
William Seraile Makele (63-65)

hey barry…. i’m thrilled you are online with the herald. it’s brilliant! the links are wonderful and faceted. i owe back taxes; probably 3-5 years. can we pay online? we are working in france this year; daryle is head of the american school of paris in an interim position. the only constant in our lives is our email address. maybe that’s why im so stoked that you are now totally online. i guess marian is responsible for much of the layout/ internetability (like that word?) of the herald. thank god you’re all so tech savvy. keep up the great, fabulous, wonderful work; it must seem thankless, but be thanked!
ciao for now and thanx again for the herald. love it.
Dannie Gold Russell (Addis 63-65)

•It’s a delight–and an occasional puzzle–to see your no capitalization style again and we hope that you write for us at THE HERALD as you did a few years ago.

Whoopeee. Glad to hear THE HERALD is back in an electronic form. I do have a question. Will my membership to the NPCA country group cover the subscription to THE HERALD or is that separate?

I am starting to plan for attending the 50th anniversary in DC.  Know a lot can happen between now and then.

Thanks for your help.

Darryl Haynes (Merababaye, Gemu Gofa 69-71)

•Yes, if you paid the $15 to NPCA to add on your country of service group, that will cover your subscription to THE HERALD.


It was great to hear from you again.  This new version of THE HERALD looks like a really good start and a professional job that must have taken lots of effort.  It feels like my contact with Ethiopia RPCVs has been minimal over the past year.  I miss the connections with the group.   I look forward to the 50 year reunion and other activities.

I am disappointed with the first year of the Obama administration and with the Congress.  It’s scary to think what the world will be like when my one and only (so far) grandchild, Brooke, who just celebrated her 2nd birthday, grows up.  Over the years I’ve found that the group whose values and opinions I most value are Peace Corps volunteers.  It would be interesting to hear how others feel about what’s happening in the world today.


Ray Donaldson (Ambo, Debre Berhan 62-64)

4 responses to “Letters to THE HERALD

  1. Lee Plate Highway 66-69

    I could really resonate with the revisit to Ethiopia and the things both different and the same. I’ve been going back since ’98 and found the same thing, little advances here and there contrasted by things that haven’t changed a bit.

    The biggest for me would be the size. In our time, Addis was 750,000 and Ethiopia around 21 million. Now Addis is estimated at 4-5 million and 75 million for Ethiopia! (not sure who’s doing the counting!)

    We helped to host an HIV/AIDS conference in ’03 among the churches – quite a historic and challenging thing to get them all in the same room. Our church had a short project in Angacha working with HIV/AIDS education.

    Looking forward to the VII reunion!

  2. Ray. Go to Marian’s other project, http://www.peacecorpsworldwide.org to read what RPCVs have to say about a wide range of today’s issues.

  3. Ray and Leo, it’s good to see you guys are still percolating along. It’s been a long time since that first exposure to the rainy season in Addis during our initial briefing, then meeting the Emperor and his cheetahs. Does this communication system have a way of Ethi-1 folks connecting?

  4. Marian and Barry–
    An excellent paper, with timely and well-researched articles. Thank you for keeping me in touch!
    Jack Prebis (’62-64)

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