In Memoriam

Jane Sweeney in the Ethiopia XVI Training Book

Sister Mary Jane Sweeney


A beloved member of Ethiopia XVI, Vocational Education, Sister Mary Jane died in Kentucky in January

By Ernest R.  Franz (Addis 71–74)

Sister Mary Jane was an enthusiastic Peace Corps Volunteer in Addis Ababa where she taught typing and shorthand at the Tefari Makonnen Comprehensive Secondary School. She taught 28 classes a week with about 30 students to each class.  Several afternoons each week she would walk from her home to the Empress Menen Orphanage, where she helped tutor the older girls in English. Sometimes she would hold recreational hours with story telling, informal dramatics and singing. She assisted an orphaned high school student get through school by providing him with money for food and living expenses.

Until her health declined Sister Mary Jane came to our Group XVI VocEd reunions held every few years. She was deaf in one ear but despite that was a great Peace Corps Volunteer and we all thought her a “credit to our cause.” We all loved her very much and will miss her quiet presence at our next Group  XVI meeting which is scheduled for July 2010 in Tigerton, Wisconsin.

Sister Mary Jane spent her final years in The Loretto Motherhouse Infirmary in Nerinx, Kentucky. She donated her body to science and a wake service was held on January 8, 2010 with a Memorial Mass the following day.

Craig Johnson in the Ethiopia X–St. Thomas Training Book

Craig Winfield Johnson


A PCV in Adwa, Craig Johnson went on to practice law in Silcon Valley

Alice Gosak ( Harar  64-68 ) sends a newspaper clipping from California noting the death of Craig Winfield Johnson (Adwa 68-69). Craig trained in St. Thomas, Virgin Island with Ethiopia X. He met and married  Deborah Kendall (Adwa 68-69) while they were serving in Adwa.  After Peace Corps Craig earned a law degree from Stanford and practiced law in the Bay Area specializing in high tech startups.  He died of a sudden and unexpected stoke.

One response to “In Memoriam

  1. Ernie (EE of E) has done such a wonderful job of capturing the compassion and dignity that Jane brought to our 71-73 group. As very young, recent college graduate volunteers, Gayle (wife) and I were privileged to share the experiences of a life-time with wonderful colleagues such as Jane. I cannot imagine a more diverse group than Ethiopia XVI. Our lives have truly been blessed to share experiences with Jane, Ernie and every other member of this wonderful group of caring, sharing people. Thanks Jane and all EPCXVI.

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