Borana Student Advancement

Championed by Fuller Torrey (Ethiopia staff: 64–66)

Since 2004 the Ethiopian registered NGO Mega Vision Developmental Association (MVDA) has provided support for students from the Borana region in far southern Ethiopia, using donations to the RPCV Legacy Program project the Borana Student Advancement project. Students in the Borana region are disadvantaged both because many of their families are semi-nomads, and also because initial school teaching is done in the local language (Oromiffa) .

Currently the Borana Student Advancement project  is funding a program to provide educational material support for girls who, as we all know, face serious obstacles in getting an education in Ethiopia. During the school year of 2011–12 the program gave assistance to 83 girls chosen on the basis of their scholastic performance:

  • university – 5 girls
  • college [3-year program] – 10
  • secondary school [grade 9–12] – 57
  • middle school – 11

They received funding for school uniforms, books, and school supplies, and for residential house rental costs for those who do not live with their parents.

The Borana Student Advancement project is administered by Teshome Shibre Kelkile, M.D., Ph.D. and Woizero Tirufat Bekele.

To learn how to make a donation to the Borana Student Advancement project CLICK.

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